WIMBERLEY FLOOD: Time for Great Return Is Now!



The Blanco River eco-fields of Wimberley, Texas, speak loudly to us. But the language is strange to our civilized ears. Crucial information is there staring us in the face and speaking in loud sound bytes, but, alas, we humans have forgotten the mother tongue of the web of life and do not hear.

Here are the headlines: the Blanco River surged at midnight, May 24,through our little community in massive surges that reached four stories high as measured by our buildings(40′). One person I talked to spoke of a tsunami-like wall of water. We will never know how high or how fast the river was flowing because the instruments that measure such developments were blasted early on. Predictions by agencies– financially strapped through tax cuts– were alarmingly soft. At 8:00 p.m. the information–coming to those who would listen–as only 16′ , a minor flood stage.Warnings in Wimberley of a major flood only went out at 11:45 p.m. on May 23. Fifteen minutes later water was already in beloved Earthtribers–Dan Gauthier’s and Shiila Safer’s home. They ran for their lives, wading in churning waters and using meditation practices to calm themselves.

The warning they had was only minutes, yea seconds, before the waters were on them. The same goes for 70 homes literally washed down the river(see photo) and the 1300 homes filled with water. Many of the homes were built to withstand a 100 year flood, even 500 year floods, and cost in the one million dollar range. To no avail. It didn’t matter whether you had an expensive home or a weekend cabin. Vacationers in posh bed and breakfasts accommodations woke up to find their houses floating down a raging torrent. All they could do is use their cell phones to say good-bye to loved ones. As of this writing eight are confirmed dead, and many others missing. I could go on, but you get the idea.

How could this happen?

As early as the 1990’s scientists warned us of massive climate change. They predicted weather events beyond our imagination. The mainstream ignored the science. Tribal elders in Ecuador noticed major changes in their mountain climates and came out of seclusion to warn dominant civilization. Inuit elders living in the far North told us that the Sun was hitting them at a different angle and that “Earth was wobbling.” We must take note, these speakers of the mother tongue told us. Their crucial information was strange to our ears—whether spoken in ancient prophecies or our best science—because we simply are not conversant in the mother tongue of Nature.

We didn’t listen. Still don’t. When visiting Wimberley after the flood, one Texas Senator was asked directly if the intensity of the current storms could be linked to climate change. He looked blankly and refused to answer. I understand. It is easy to float on the river of denial. I have a boat there myself, but it is getting more and more difficult to float lazily down the denial river because it may be a torrent at any moment.

Here is what many of us in Wimblerley now know. We have thought these weather storms magnified by climate change would happen someday or somewhere. Well, someday is now. Somewhere is here. At least in Wimberley. We are the canary in the coal mine.

Our Creator calls us, speaks to us, and the message, to me, is clear. “My beloved humans, return to the cycle of life. Respect the power of weather spirits. They guide you. They are not angry with you. They merely point out your vulnerability of where and how you live. They point out what happens when you cover the ground with concrete and asphalt and pack down the soil with your large machines. Enlarge your perspective and awareness. Make better choices. Extend your love of one another to all creation. Find balance. Live in harmony with the music of the spheres. Someday is now. Somewhere is here.”

Will Taegel, Ph.D.

3 thoughts on “WIMBERLEY FLOOD: Time for Great Return Is Now!”

  1. Leahanne Woods Smith

    Today was the second Wisdom Community Call I have participated in. I am so moved, and my heart is so warm, not only by the stories, and wisdom (love) shared by the guests, but by you, and Judith! The story you told about the man who lost his wife and two children, and then spoke at the local football game, spoke volumes to me about how wide-spread the real Warrior love is becoming through the hearts and minds of so many people in this planet!
    I am a follower of HeatherAsh Amara, and through her I knew how to register for these free Wisdom Community Calls. I am so very glad I did. I feel so blessed and inspired now!

  2. Martha Bettes

    Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart ! I lived more than 50 feet above the Blanco on a 100 year old estate. No one ever would have believed the water would come up that high. Many of my friends assumed I was safe. The water was like a tsunami and sucked everything right back into the river just as quickly as it came in.

  3. Do you notice how small the human being is in the photo. To me, it is a symbol of what we have forgotten. We are a part of the eco-field; yet, we seem to think as a species that we dominate the natural world. To realize we do not is a great step in the right direction – a step to become one with the field.

    Thank you, William for this timely meditation on what we are facing and what we are too blind to see. Love and Puha, Lillie

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