Earthtribe Wild Heart Quest

Chewing Through the Leash

As the viral wave sweeps around Mother Earth as a purifying and creative impulse, She sent me many of you requesting a quest.  In a series of night journeys, a path of consciousness arose in my dreams I call “The Wild Heart Quest: Chewing Through the Leash.”

Elsewhere, you can access the full story I am about to tell here with a few headlines. Lisa Dvorak had a wolf/dog she named Wazo, my tribal word for wolf.  She arrived one day for council with Wazo sitting in calm repose.  He was at that point in his dog form of consciousness that had been taught him through extensive training. We walked downward into a small canyon on a shamanic journey.  With each step, the wolf got stronger.  Once in the bottom of the canyon, Lisa tied Wazo off with a thick , leather leash.  As the two of us talked, we looked up and saw that Wazo had chewed through the leash and was fully in his wolf spirit, the core of his wild heart being.

He roamed up and down the canyon in the magnificence of his primal being.  After a while, he came over to us as if to say,  “I am regenerated.”  Lisa put the leash loosely around him, and we climbed upward.  By the time we reached the parking area, he was back in his dog energy but with the fullness of his wolf spirit in his eyes.

This story points to the aspiration of the Wild Heart Quest as descending into that aspect of your soul where your primal identity awaits awakening in a fuller way.The Wild Heart is that form of consciousness in you that is little influenced by civilized culture.  This quest aims at reconnecting in a profound way so that the return can see the untamed resources within you to shine through your eyes.

As the Wild Heart Quest makes itself known in our midst, it encourages our Earthtribe into a larger perspective, a multi-cultural quest.  Traditional vision quests are seen as basically from North American plain’s tribes, and the Wild Heart Quest invites us to think of Mother Earth as a Whole.  It invites us to engage Buddha by the tree, Jesus on the mountain top, and Rachel Carson by the sea.  We continue to embrace our North American , indigenous elders while gaining a sense of the larger Whole.

Such a pathway allows for the deep experience of BEING SEEN by the sacred web of Earth’s being.  This Whquest process emphasizes a reciprocal/participatory interaction within Mother Earth as she unfolds.  More and more, we are experiencing Mother Earth’s unfolding through us as tiny cells within her being.  While this emphasis has been implicit in our Vision Quests, the Pandemic pushes us to make such awareness more explicit.  We continue to learn and evolve as an Earthtribe.

Most Wild Heart questers are not fully aware of the long history of our tribe and how all our quests are embedded in the communal life.  For us, the fullness of the quest occurs only in ongoing community.  It is not an individual endeavor.  Just as one or two trees do not make a forest, so a quest requires the tribe.  Indeed, the quest is for the individual, the tribe, and the whole Earth.  After four decades of these practices, we still struggle to see the importance of this point.  It may take a while for those new in our midst.  Also, Wild Heart Questers will be creating community/tribe where you live.

The Wild Heart Quest consists of:

  • Allowing the Sacred Web to give you a stake.  This process is very different for the Earthtribe and, so far, is rich in its gateway to newer forms of consciousness.
  • Forming and creating a Stake ceremony.  This process can take weeks or months.
  • Connecting with a Wild Heart Quest Guide. In this birthing phase Will  works with all the wild heart questers engaging co-guides in the form of other pipe carriers in the process.  You will counsel with your  wild heart guide once per month.  The two of you will work out agreements as consciousness expands.
  • Building supporters where you are and with the Texas Earthtribe.  This is an important feature of the Wild Heart Quest and requires alert attention.  It potentially expands the elegance of our community.
  • Learning the process of prayers ties.
  • Circle sitting one or more times where you are over a period of time.  A year and sometimes longer is required.  This sitting engages energy spots within Earth’s organism that assists a wider vision.  It harkens back to the days when the Earthtribe was forming and held vision quests from coast to coast.
  • Processing with your Wild Heart Quest guide.
  • Telling your Wild Heart Experience with the large tribe, likely online.
  • Receiving a Name given by elders who meditate on your narrative.
  • Spending several seasons with your wild heart guide integrating.
  • Assisting others who are being called to this kind of quest over a season of their Wild Heart Quest.
  • Considering attending an in-person Vision Quest when the path through the pandemic becomes apparent.
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