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Earlier, we talked about how the Yew tree from the Oregon forest gave humans taxol, a most effective treatment for breast cancer. In the second phase of her treatment(after two surgeries), Judith, my spouse, engaged the Yew tree as a healing mother who gave us the offspring taxol. Together, we searched for ways to integrate alternative healing with the chemo protocol in mainstream medicine. We sat on our deck and meditated on the healing power of the Yew tree coursing through her body in the form of taxol.

Sitting next to her, it seemed the presence of the tree moved through and between us. Quite literally such a transfer was happening.

Now, Judith is in the third phase of traditional medical interventions for the type of breast cancer that visited as an uninvited party crasher. The current treatment is called radiation. As I sat in the waiting room on the first day of her treatment, reading a book on one of my favorite subjects, quantum physics, I came across a fresh description of the Big Bang. In the reading I suddenly became aware of how our Universe’s initial impulse—called the Big Bang– was now present in potential healing for Judith’s bout with cancer. Let’s explore that possibility for a moment.


According to modern science, a primordial flaring forth from a singular point called the Big Bang created our Universe. Solid empirical evidence exists for such a singularity, explosive as it likely was about 13.8 billion years ago.

How do we know such an event occurred and, if so, when?

Astrophysicists look out into deep space and, therefore, back in time. To their surprise they perceive cosmic background radiation. More specifically, they peer through a telescope aimed at the gaping space between stars and galaxies. With usual telescopes they see nothing but the vast dark. However, with specialized lenses that have the capacity to pick up radio waves, the scientists detect a background glow of microwaves called relic radiation. They label the microwaves relic radiation because such waves are not associated with any star or galaxy and thus are relics belonging to the originating event. The radiation glow is nearly uniform in all directions, but there are tiny variations in the glow that point backwards in time/space to the Big Bang, or flaring forth of the Universe.

Since the Universe has a finite age, and light travels at a finite speed, scientists can measure the radiation and thus determine the age of the Universe by examining relic radiation, a kind of fossil record in the form of light. These microwaves are like discovering dinosaur prints from moment one.

Could it be, I asked myself, that Judith’s therapy contains an aspect of the Big Bang coursing through her body/mind/soul? If so, is a related salve of light available to all of us?

Earth’s Radiation Therapy

Well, maybe not just Judith, but also all of us might be the target of Earth’s radiation therapy stemming from the Big Bang. Let’s see how. The Earth (and all living things as aspects of Earth including humans) are constantly touched by the potential healing hand of radiation from outer space. Some of this radiation is actually the Big Bang caressing us with its powers as it passes through deep space into and through our Solar System right into our body/mind/soul.

Like all healing possibilities, it is necessary to be acutely aware of dosages. Too much causes problems. Too little, another kind of problem. Evidence is accumulating that airline crews and frequent passengers receive an overdose of radiation in the course of a year, and some report malfunctions as a result. Most of us have medical and dental X-rays, which also must be monitored. Unaware exposure to radiation can create illness. Used with clear awareness, though, radiation can enhance our health.

Now, I am prepared to demystify radiation, so we can see how it can assist us. Any dictionary will tell you that radiation is the process in which energy is emitted as particles or waves. Put another way, radiation is a process in which energy is emitted by an event, transmitted through a medium or space, and absorbed by another.

Lying on the ground, especially after a sweat lodge or a brisk walk, offers the possibility of a form of radiation therapy, a transfer of energy linked from deep space through Earth’s core to ourselves. As I write, I just engaged in a few minutes of radiation therapy by lying on the ground on my back and then on my stomach. It rained yesterday, so the ground is still moist, thus offering a conductor. Is it my imagination or does the electro-magnetic field course through and heal? I was groggy. Now, I am alert and creative. And isn’t a creative urge the essence of healing? And is an impulse to create not a link to our Creator? Or even an uncovering our our true identity?

Harnessing Electrons for Wholeness

Approaching Judith’s therapy I had little information about breast cancer radiation therapy(sometimes called radiotherapy). Frankly, subjecting Judith to such a radical approach seemed like a shocking invasion. One friend even said that the treatment was barbaric, not my favorite supportive comment from an otherwise beautiful network. As I delved into how the treatment functions, possibilities emerged for my own health, and yours. I will get further into that potential in a moment.

Radiation uses a special kind of high-energy beam to damage a cancer cell’s DNA and thus its ability to divide and reproduce. The energy beam must be repeated over time in order to keep the cancer cells from multiplying. The energy beam also damages healthy cells, but they are strong enough to repair themselves while the less organized cancer cells die off.

The machine that delivers the high-energy beam is called a linear accelerator that speeds up ordinary electrons that collide with metal internal to the machine. As a result of these collisions high energy X-Rays are produced and then shaped as they exit to conform to the area where there might be cancer cells in the patient.

The Shamanic Journey Between Worlds

Such a marvelous contraption is a distant cousin to sub-atomic particle accelerators that have revealed the secrets of particles(like electrons) moving into waves. In the history of science, particle accelerators have revealed a micro-universe wherein we see that the building blocks of the Universe are not things(tiny,tiny ball bearings) but rather movements where things become waves.

As I contemplate the shuttling back and forth of electrons between particles that become radio waves, it reminds me of the shamanic journeys taught me by tribal elders. To experience healing of various sorts we can move from one domain of reality to another. Such transformation from the visible to the invisible make possible a high energy beam, a sacred potential, that can inhibit the multiplication of inner debris that keeps us from being our holistic possibilities.

Once we remove the inner debris, we can concentrate on the bridge between the finite and Infinite.

Radiance Lying Next To Me

On several occasions I wake up in the night. Sometimes I take an owl and an eagle feather to fan the energy capsule that surrounds Judith’s body. Then, I take my hand and run it over the energy field without actually touching her physically so as not to wake her up. At such times it seems she herself is radiant. I tell her she is an atomic Judith, and she replies that she prefers radiance. The glow from deep space does radiate in our love and hope. Maybe, such moments contribute to her healing. I know it does mine.

An Electronic Vision Quest

Throughout this experience Judith has declared that the several months of treatment is a vision quest. Together, we have presided as elders in over 30 years of vision questing. I have had the privilege of looking into the clear eyes of those questers who have fasted and returned from the rigors of reconnecting with the sacred core of Nature , Great Spirit. I can see their souls much like looking into the eyes of a newborn baby. They are close to their true identities as spirit beings. Theirs is a powerful radiance.It’s as if the Big Bang flares forth through them. And, after weeks of having these high energy beams pass through her body, I look into Judith’s eyes. And I can perceive the singular point, that moment when our beloved and visible Universe came into being.



A few years ago I sat on the beach with a Huichol shaman overlooking the Banderas Bay on the West Coast of Mexico talking about the life and health of the sea. Dressed in white pants and shirt trimmed in brilliant blues, pinks, and reds, he laughed more than he talked. His hat was straw with a red brim and had 17 wild turkey feathers shooting out from the sides and on top. A bright blue bandana circled his neck. At age 92 he still walked 6 miles down from the jungle mountains each day to greet the dawn on the beach and returned 6 miles in the evening after performing healing sessions and selling his art. He radiated health.

We traded shamanic stories and, soon, he invited me to join him in presiding at a ceremony to honor the beautiful Bay, which he said needed healing. His invitation inluded killing a goat as a sacrifice to the spirits of the waters. Such a sacrifice would make things better, he explained. As we explored that possibility, I shifted my hat from shamanic to scientific and asked him if he knew the sickness of the Bay was due to the effluent pouring into the waters from the local village. Goats might not be the answer, I said, with a bit of civilization’s arrogance. That tangent led him to talk about the little people living in our intestines as well as the Pacific. They were, he intoned, a community that could instruct us about the health of Earth Herself. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I would soon learn.

Eventually,the ceremony took place on behalf of the Bay, but that is not the point of this vignet. The point might be that I took one of the little people back home with me. In retrospect the little people—his description of microorganisms– may have returned with me to remind me I am not as smart as I think I am, or, more precisely, the ancient Huichols may know more than I imagined. Maybe my elder friend sent them with me as teachers of community. Let’s see why.

Mine was not a case of simple tourista but rather mysterious microorganisms that did not play well with my resident intestinal community. I will spare you the gruesome details of their playground disputes. It is enough to say an 18 month journey of getting to know the community in my gut was about to take place as my Huichol friend had predicted.

The Cure

After exploring every alternative and/or shamanic cure I knew about, I consulted a gastroenterologist who told me I would likely never recover fully. That delightful suggestion came after I told him my age. To my questionable credit, I was aware enough not to buy his unintended, hypnotic dictum. I say questionable because I was questioning everything at that point.

Soon, though, the sacred web of fields had mercy on me.

The very next week I was talking to a friend, and she told me about a probiotic that bonded with food easily. She explained that she had a problem like mine and happened on the important information that our guts harbor a vast community of 100 trillion microorganisms, that they are well organized, and that my trouble boiled in the arguments my gut community was having with the newcomers from Mexico. She suggested a new probiotic that bonded with food would be better than the probiotics I was using that had some chemical bonding involved. Accompanied by food, these probiotics would–so the theory went–find an intimate acceptance in my disturbed microorganism community. The new probiotics would restore peace and harmony.

Desperate, I tried this cure. Within a week or so I was back to normal, feeling feisty enough to write the gastroenterologist a note pointing him in the direction of possibility rather than his dreary dictums.

The Microcommunity Conveys Humility

This experience drew my attention to the interlocking set of ecofields that make-up the organism called Will. Most of who I am consists of an interactive system of tiny communities that constantly exchange information about their well being and how they might support me if I could just be a tiny bit more aware and compassionate toward them. Justin Sonneburg, Ph.D., a microbiologist at Stanford, probes the tribal relationship we humans have with our bacterial partners. Joan Borysenko quoted Sonneburg in a recent conversation with me as suggesting that humans are an elaborate vessel optimized for the growth and spread of our microbial inhabitants.

Who would know?

Is it possible that one of our central human purposes is to be kind and aware hosts to these complex communities?

The Great Return To Community

Scientists from the University of Georgia estimate the number of bacteria on our planet to be 5 million trillion trillion, or 5 followed by 30 zeroes. There are more bacteria on Earth than stars in the universe. Nearly 3/4 of the living mass on Earth is microbial. Not humans. Not mammals. Not plants. Microbes!

And these communities talk to each other about us, with us, and in us.

Each community has its own personality, its own innate intelligence, its own values, and its own wisdom. The microbes are calling us to return to the circle of life by being a circle of life within us. We now know that the health of our guts greatly shapes our immune systems. Such musing is not theoretical to me. I know by experience that the conversation the microbial tribes have within greatly influence my health. Prayer might begin with an humble awakening of awareness of the little people who live within. These little people may not only be massively larger than humans but also may convey an intelligence worth listening to. Their lineage goes back 3.5 billion years while ours is a mere 200k.

Here is what they say to me:”Will, you aren’t who you think you are. Listen to your gut. Wake up to your utter dependence on the ecofields all around and within. We have something to say to each other, and all our well being depends on the quality of our intimacy. Listening to yourself might not be so psychological. It might mean listening to us. We can lead you back into the community of life.”