Our in-person sweat lodges are being redesigned on a month-by-month basis. This flexibility shows our solidarity for the safety and health of all our loved ones and with all the nations of our beloved Earth. We are primarily scheduling online events. Our next online event, Earth Questions Herself: In 4 Online Circles is November 15, 2:00pm CDT.

Earthtribe sweat lodges offer a variety of ways to participate: fire tending, drumming circle and teachings around the fire, hot Sweat Lodge, Spirit Lodge (not physically hot), and an intimate community gathering and potluck lunch.

For the Wimberley lodge only: We are very grateful for the surge of interest in our Earthtribe gatherings in Wimberley. With that said, we are setting parameters of the circle in order to insure safety for participants. We now have a ceiling of 8 registrants because of the limits of our landscape/eco-field and respect for the viral wave.

For those who have attended our Earthtribe gatherings, registrations are on a first come, first serve basis. We often reach our max number of registrants by Wednesday evening before the Saturday gathering.
For those who are new to the Earthtribe, council with an Earthtribe mentor needs to happen before Wednesday evening before the Saturday gathering.

If you are coming to Wimberley for the first time, you will go into the Spirit Lodge. We are blessed with many people at the Wimberley lodge, so REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. PLEASE REGISTER EARLIER THAN 5 DAYS BEFORE THE LODGE. REGISTRATION CLOSES THE THURSDAY BEFORE THE LODGE. Do not wait until the last minute to register! If you are coming for the first time, read the Sweat Lodge page, and then contact Shiila Safer (shiila@creativityinnature.com) to inquire about the Wimberley Lodge. Contact Jyl Scott-Reagan (jylsr@earthlink.net) about the Columbus lodge.

In addition to reading the Sweat Lodge page, we recommend that you read chapter 12 of Dr. Taegel’s book Walking with Bears.

For more information about either upcoming sweat lodge, please send email to info@Earthtribe.com.

Before attending any Earthtribe event, please review the Waiver and Release agreement  for Wimberley or the Waiver and Release agreement for Deer Dancer Ranch that you will be required to sign at the event.

Welcome to the Earthtribe!
Viewing time is 2 1/2 minutes. Enjoy!

The Earthtribe Vision Quest last month was both unique and profound and we were gifted with beautiful and powerful visions.

The Earthtribe consists of communities that practice Nature-based spirituality. We gather, usually on a monthly basis, to expand our awareness and compassion through our deeper connection with the fields of Nature. We laugh, sing, drum, chant, and bask in the support of a loving community, including humans and all aspects of the Sacred Web of Life.

Here are two of our major proposals:

  • The lions share of our emotional and physical problems stem from our estrangement from nature’s circle of life.
  • The most natural movement on the planet is to push out of the box of our usual identity to the deeper place that is our essence, our spiritual DNA.  This deeper place calls us to the Great Return of being part of the flow of our planet’s life.

We utilize three major ceremonies – sweat lodges, Vision Quests, and an annual Earthdance – to assist us in this journey to our true identities. We also have integrated into our meditational practices the wisdom of the eight world religions, the guidance of contemporary psychology, and the maps of evolutionary science. In short, we are about an integral practice that expands our awareness of our connection with all creation with the aim of deepening intimacy and compassion.  We are a spiritual community of The Center for Creative Resources, Inc. (CCR).

Click here for a deeper exploration of the Earthtribe’s parent, CCR.