Supportive Prayers

There are several avenues in the Earthtribe for supportive prayer as a spiritual tool of inner awakening, comfort, strength and healing. The Earthtribe nature of supportive prayer is to shift our humanness from fixing something to focusing attention. It is a way to exercise our muscles of being present in a new context and being open to receiving. Prayers are offered without an agenda thereby opening others and ourselves to unlimited possibilities.

The ways to send and receive supportive prayers are:

The Talkingstick

The Talkingstick is an Earthtribe community forum for announcements, dialogue and discussion. A person may send a prayer request on their behalf or for someone or something else to the entire Earthtribe group. Responses are shared community-wide or sent to the requester on an individual basis.

The Prayer Calendar

The monthly calendar is randomly assigned days dedicated to prayer and meditation on behalf of a specific Earthtribe member. The first name and last name initial are posted on the calendar for all interested Earthtribe members to see. On “your” day, experience generosity with no strings attached as members hold you in their focused attention. Knowing it is your day creates a shift in receiving and there is a whole healing in receiving. We sometimes need practice in receiving and the Prayer Calendar is a way for all Earthtribe members to chime in and for you to know you are being held from sunup to sundown. If you would like your name on the calendar, click Prayer Calendar.

The Prayer Circle

One of the hardest things to do is ask for help with our daily sufferings. The Prayer Circle is a place to lay down your burdens and vulnerabilities with the explicit guarantee of confidentiality. The Prayer Circle is comprised of a core group of prayer supporters. The prayer supporters will pray based on your requested needs. It is not necessary to voice the details of a situation. Look deeply into your own needs with a conscious awareness of how to be supported. Connect with the vulnerability/fear underneath the situation and know these will be held in a safe container.

The Prayer Circle brings the more than humans into the circle. Visualize a place in nature, either real or imagined, where you find comfort. Ask the eco-field if it will hold prayers for you. Send your prayer request to The Prayer Circle along with brief description of your nature place. The prayer supporters will pray and spiritually deliver these to your spot. This allows both human and non-human interplay for energetic healing. When you are ready to receive the prayers, tune into your place in nature to retrieve them.

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