Singing the Honor Song for Will Star Heart

Aho Cherished Relatives,

Our beloved Will Star Heart stepped through the Big Door late Sunday evening, peacefully surrounded by family. He began his journey to White Mountain and the Milky Way. All of you have been and are his Vision Encampment.

We will be praying, drumming, and singing. We will be telling stories, sometimes with tears and with laughter. We invite you to join in his most recent version of the Clear Light Prayer.


  Now, I camp near the Big Door, No “thing” happens, Only movement of the Whole. The “I” that camps prays, journeys, and Moves from my finite personality, To the Infinite.   Now, I know the Beloved Infinite encompasses All that is and is not. When I am embedded within the Infinite. I have affinity with all.   My body dissipates. My person stores in a cloud. My memories, as well, To be engaged as needed.   I, the sojourner, sees Clear Light, Surrounding We-show-ah, Jesus, and becomes compassion. Surrounding Buddha and all ancestors in pervasive consciousness.   Now, I know that in all forms, I am pure Light, clear as can be.   I move through cycles To serve, heal, and teach This is who I am.   I am here with you. The I who prays with you Is here, nowhere, and Everywhere.   Will Star Heart, May 2022

24 thoughts on “Singing the Honor Song for Will Star Heart”

  1. Stephen G Scholl

    Years ago I listened to Will describe the Llano Estacado where he grew up, with rugged high plains occasionally punctuated by deep canyons cut from the Buffalo Prairie, the rich history of Quanah Parker, Colonel Goodnight and the last herds of bison. Those stories resonated a few years ago when I spent a few days around Palo Duro and Caprock Canyons and experienced the beauty and mystery of the region. Will knew about my trip and requested that I stop by one of his favorite spots to harvest a little Clary (I think that was the name) Sage. I headed south from Quitaque according to his directions thinking this land was way to arid to grow much of anything. Then I crested a small hill and saw Los Lingos Creek, where just like he said, beautiful large bushes of sage were abundant and waiving gently in the breeze along the banks of the creek. I think I remember that this was pretty close to where Will grew up, and may have been on property owned at one time by his family. Will’s spirit was so present for me in this region. May he continue to be a part of it and a part of me. Aho! Steve Listening Earth.

  2. Herbert MacDonald


    Whose voice I hear in the winds,
    And whose breath gives life to all the world,
    hear me! I am small and weak, I need your
    strength and wisdom.

    Let Me Walk In Beauty, and make my eyes
    ever behold the red and purple sunset.

    Make My Hands respect the things you have
    made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.

    Make Me Wise so that I may understand the
    things you have taught my people.

    Let Me Learn the lessons you have hidden
    in every leaf and rock.

    I Seek Strength, not to be greater than my
    brother, but to fight my greatest
    enemy —- myself.

    Make Me Always Ready to come to you with
    clean hands and straight eyes.

    So, When Life Fades, as the fading sunset,
    my spirit may come to you
    without shame.

    I say this prayer when I lay my head down to sleep;
    I say this prayer when I’m on the road to keep me safe;
    I say this prayer just because it’s meaning is so deep.

    I have been using the prayer for more than thirty years. And now, I will say it in memory of Will Star Heart
    and Bear Heart along with Marc Nathan Williams.

    Herb MacDonald

  3. Hearing that Will left the physical plane, I sat with gratitude in my heart for all I have learned from the brothers and sisters of the Hawkmouse Lodge in Ma. Many stories were told by our pipe carriers of Will and the Earthtribe as we sat around the Sacred Fire and added our prayers to the Great Mystery. I hold Will in my heartspace.
    Dancing Fern

  4. As I was sitting at home in the evening, the wind was howling in such a way I had never heard before. It was almost crying. Many time I have heard Will’s conch because we live real close. This time Nature was announcing his passing.
    Will, may you continue to shine and teach us from where you are.
    Will, Holly and Chris, He’s still with you.
    All my love.

  5. Carolyn Atkinson

    Blessings on the journey, dear Will. I am who I am, in part because of you.
    With love, gratitude, and connection,
    Carolyn Clear Light

  6. Aho, William, honored Teacher – wise enough to both challenge and be challenged – gentle Guide toward and into the Quest time, eco-Mentor, honorable elder, may Great Mystery reveal ever more to you in the journey through the veil. May you continue to bring back to us and through us the loving, clear and powerful knowing that we need to continue to walk in beauty here and to welcome all into the connection of Earthtribe. My little self feels sad in the loss of your smile and magnificent voice; my big self dances that you are now Ancestor!! From one of your lineage, Leslie, Star Song.

  7. John Piercing Spirit

    Ho, William. Thank you for sharing such an important leg of our intertwined journeys. May you continue to find deep fulfillment and peace as you continue on the next leg of your journey. Know that you have made a meaningful contribution to my life and the lives of many others.

  8. Beth Rawlings

    Prayers for Star Heart to spread his stardust all over the Milky Way. Prayers of gratitude to The Great Spirit for the life and wisdom of Star Heart. Through the Earthtribe and sacred ceremony, my life began anew and I found meaning and love, the greatest gift of all.
    Also prayers for a great celebration upon his arrival at White Mountain. I can imagine many happy faces.
    Our cherished relative.

  9. Ginger Clarkson & Mark Ryan

    Thank you Will for welcoming us to Deer Dancer Ranch’s Vision Quest territory to learn from you, Judith and the Earthtribe community. Your reverence for all of nature’s creations will be carried on by those whose lives you touched and inspired. May you rest now with Judith in clear divine light, knowing that you accomplished your life mission with deep integrity and joyful creativity. With love and gratitude, Ginger and Mark

  10. Aho Dear Will Star Heart, yes indeed you came to us from the Stars! Now we know we are from the Stars too! And our most dear relationship is that we are ONE with the Earth, with the Universe. You are spreading your electrons and protons to all of us. We will always be One with You. While my heart hurts when my physical body feels your absence, my spirit knows that you are here, in the air, in the trees, in the birds, in the four leggeds, and the winged ones. My eyes still cry from this dense body, but my soul knows your peace and ease that you travel through the heavens with.
    Apapacho Ennake!
    Karen Breathing Fox
    Wind’s Love
    Changing Spider

  11. Will Star Heart, Your presence has blessed my life with an enduring connection to Mother Earth and a tribe who is journeying with me in honoring and blessing the wisdom of the earth. With open hearts there is a welcoming of your guidance from the other side. You have taught how to listen, vision, dream and journey and so I sit, listening even more quietly, silently, open to teachings that appear in my circle. As you wing your way to the stars we fly as a beautiful flock all the vision fasters of all time, we are One.
    Patricia Heart Tree

  12. Matthew Middendorf

    Aho Will Winged Medicine Star Heart
    Once I was a lost two-legged. Now, through the EarthTribe which you started and led, I feel found.
    My life is so different because of my experiences in the EarthTribe.
    I am so grateful for you.
    May you fly to White Mountain and beyond.
    May you teach us from the other side.
    A new era is upon us Great Mystery. Guide us and help to to hear.
    Love and puha,
    Matthew Silent Snake Light’s True

  13. Deborah Bowers

    “Be Aware and Make Good Choices” is one of Will’s many teachings that I carry in my body. Sunday morning, as I rose to go out back, I heard a Cardinal singing out front. As is my practice, I followed the birdsong to discover a turtle moving down the middle of the dirt road in front of our house. It made my heart sing to see such a nourishing sight. He moved with purpose and soon took a left to head into the tall grasses towards the trees. I thanked him for his gift of presence. Monday morning, on a walk along Cypress Creek, I saw a large turtle swimming. As I followed its rippled path, I smiled and thanked turtle for her teachings and the gift of presence on yet another day. Monday evening, as I stepped out on the back porch to sing the Honor Song for Will, I added my tears to the raindrops scattered about on the leaves of the trees. As my tongue reached to taste one drop, a ritual blessing taught by Dr. Will, I thanked him for his many teachings that guide my actions each day, making me aware of the boundless gifts of Nature. As I sang the Honor Song, the light of the setting Sun sparkling through the trees like starlight, reminding me of how Dr. Will sometimes travels as light, just like he did on the dark night of the soul of my second vision quest. His light sparkled through the trees then to, helping me see my way through the fear that I may do the work at hand. It is comforting to know he can do so freely now, without the burden of body. Ho Will Star Heart, Ancestor in the Making, I thank you for the gift of your presence in my life, for the gift of your teachings, and the gift of your ever shining starlight upon us, the Earthtribe! Ma’do! Aho!

  14. Sheri Danielson

    Thank you God for blessing us with Will Star Heart, for his vision and love that shines so bright still. I am so grateful for his guidance and words of comfort, happiness and love each time I was blessed to share with him. Thank you for his guidance and may his teachings and example continue to inspire. Dear Will, may your spirit soar and be reunited with Judith, please let us continue to feel your presence from the other side.

  15. Deborah Bowers

    My brother’s thoughts of Will:

    I close my eyes, I see the spirit rising and remember the
    sound of his voice, the smile on his lips, and a feeling of
    energy. I rise to celebrate the ‘Knowing of Will’ – Within,
    Throughout, and All About! ~Armando ‘Shawn’ Doblado

  16. Carol Flake Chapman

    Will Star Heart opened the door for all of us. I am here in Ireland where I have learned there is an ancient secret language of trees, the oldest written language in Ireland, and it’s letters are inscribed into the rocks. Our dear Will has taught us the language of trees, rocks, earth and sky so that when we speak it, this mother tongue, I know he will hear it.

  17. Great Spirit,
    Please grant Will an easy transition into the beyond. Thank you for his precious life and all of the dreams, teachings and ideas that blessed so many. Thank you for his creativity and courage. if it is in his best interest and the best interest of all, help him to unite with his beloved ancestor Judith. He will be my friend forever and i will never forget him. Thank you for his courage to face death openly and share the experience with us. thank you for all of the many visions that i have witnessed unfolding because of his willingness to start the Earthtribe. Thank you for all of the deep heartfelt prayers that have been said and all of the pipes he has given. Help us to move on without him and listen for your guidance. Help us to honor his wonderful life and celebrate this great man. Gratitude for his life on earth.

  18. I will never be the same … we will (Will) never be the same ! Thanks for the opportunity of transition ! The pain I have now is overshadowed by all the great experiences and teachings from William !

  19. As I sit here a rare Texas summer thunderstorm looms overhead, I can hear Grandfathers song of the Thunder Beings crying out welcoming Will into the Spirit world. I know he would be happy with this nourishing rain that is refreshing Mother Earth. It reminds me of a late night thunderstorm on a Vision quest encampment when the thunderstorm was so heavy that we dared not get out of our tents and then who should show up in the middle of the dark night but our beloved Dr Will checking on us. So many memories and stories I could recall but I will save those for a time when we can sit together and share in person. Much Love my friend on your next leg of your journey, say hello to Judith and Gary for me.

  20. Leahanne Woods

    Lord, take Will in through the door of your beloved kingdom. He searched and was within the life of love, the everlasting grace which is powerful beyond our measure. Thank you for the time that we had with him. Thank you for the love he showed shining you, creation, into each of us who came upon his wake. -Amen🙏

  21. Sunday felt like a Door between. My heart embraces the boundlessness of Being and Spirit that Will Star Heart irradiated. With deepest Gratitude for his whole Being.

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