THE BLUE STAR KACHINA: Nature’s Rights, Part 2

A NASA photo of Comet 45P taken on February 12, 2017

I first heard of the Blue Star Kachina, Spirit Helper, in 1958 in a college discussion. Five years before Frank Waters published The Book of Hopi, White Feather, a Hopi Elder, had bestowed these ancient prophecies to a young minister who gave him a ride on a lonely desert road.

From a first hearing of these prophecies they rang true. Some years later, I received additional prophetic narratives from a council of inter-tribal sages, and these prophecies have important relevance for the current global upheaval. In addition, my own dreams and visions provide a spotlight focused on where we are and where we might go.

Hopi wisdom, like that of the Toltecs, Cahokias, and Mayas, tells a story rooted in cyclical time. Reaching back perhaps 40,000 years or more the narratives tell of the rise and fall of three worlds or civilizations. Each of the three civilizations follow developmental phases. We are now in a 4th civilization that appears to be following the ancient patterns.

First, there is harmony with Nature wherein humans are deeply connected with the landscape and all creatures. So much so that there are exchanges of information and meaning through a mother tongue that lies beneath all languages. In this phase there is sustainability and regeneration.

Next, humans are estranged from this natural and flowing state as they become enamored with their distinctive form of consciousness, thinking it is the apex of evolution. Startling inventions and technology fuel prosperity for a ruling class, and material accumulations crowd out spiritual values. Predictably, the split between humans and their habitat grows until they foul their nests. Leaders ignore the rights of a larger whole in service of short term material gain.

Then, Nature perceives this growing imbalance within her bosom and starts a rebalancing, usually through massive climate change that produces floods, droughts, fire, ice, sea level changes, and massive die-offs of species. Such a shuddering of the Great Mother is called the Day or Era of Purification.

Three times in 40,000 thousand years, so the story goes, the civilizations have ended, and a remnant group of humans emerge from the wreckage and chaos to start another cycle. We are currently in the Fourth World or Civilization, and the cross-cultural prophecies cite nine signals that we are entering the end of another cycle. Crucial is the ninth sign, the coming of blue stars or comets at crucial moments.

The appearance of stars or comets tells us that we are making the journey to a new, sustainable, and regenerative civilization. The pathway to the new era can either plunge us into complete chaos, pain, and suffering, or we can push off of a high bottom without the loss of most of our species and its current structures.

Our awareness, choices, and engaged ecological choices determine our destiny!

The hopeful side of the prophecies point toward humans who gather together and spend their energy and time purifying themselves of divisiveness, hatefulness, and the toxicity of our age. These seeds of a new era are known by their love, inclusiveness, and deep connection with the sacred web. There are specific behaviors that the remnant humans exhibit in order to be restored to the sacred web. I will explore these possibilities and behaviors in future blogs.

Now, consider the ninth sign of the transition: the coming of the blue star. Relevant to us: There have been numerous blue comet sightings in recent times.

On Saturday, February 11, 2017, there was a triple confirmation of these prophecies with a full moon, a penumbral eclipse, and the appearance of a possible Blue Kachina comet, called, 45P, about 3:00 a.m. Eastern. As of this writing, the blue comet has been visible for two months through binoculars, but at that time was “only” 7.4 million miles away in its closest approach. It streaked across the sky with a blue-green head and long tail (see above). It will be visible until the end of February.

And here is an important point. It will return to speak to us again in 2022, the approximate time that many of the prophecies say we will push off the bottom of the sea of chaos and begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, the prophecies make clear that the new seeds of the fifth world or civilization will be those humans who learn the skills of sustainability and regeneration. Chief among these skills is a new bill of rights that truly places all human concerns within the garden of the natural order.

Elders across Earth’s face agree that the Blue Star Kachina has appeared, and it is confirmed in my own visions. It is no longer the eleventh hour. It is the twelfth hour. 

The journey to the fifth civilization has begun.

5 thoughts on “THE BLUE STAR KACHINA: Nature’s Rights, Part 2”

  1. Hello Tribe of Awakened Souls

    I await 2022 passionately. Keep sending out the Galactic Light to all Tribal Brothers & Sisters.


  2. In times of change the there is always confusion. Our best self and our worst are present. It is an opening door. Choices make us all ask who we really are, not what we are. Will we really walk our talk, stand for what we believe, or allow the tide to take us where it will. It is my belief that we can’t really know who we are or what we will choose until we are presented with the need to take a stand.

    May we all look into the future with clear eyes, an open heart, and reasoned thought.

  3. Patricia Birthing Owl

    May we each remember to breathe in the love within the Universe, and Act from there, during the next five years. So easy to say, so hard to do, during these emotional times.

  4. The issues are many and profound, dangerously so. It would seem as we struggle with the political climate, the global climate and fiscal issues that the following words: “These seeds of a new era are known by their love, inclusiveness, and deep connection with the sacred web,” are the catalysts we need to recall that Nature herself, this beautiful gift of the Creator, will bring us into balance, if we but observe her teachings. I believe Brian Swimme called this process “an old intelligence of the heart.” This heart intelligence might guide us to means of “sustainability and regeneration.”

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