Core Practices

In the Earthtribe, we have three core practices: Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, and Earth Dance.

Sweat Lodge

A sweat lodge ceremony consists of a gathering of people who heat rocks in a ceremonial fire and carry them respectfully into a hut like structure constructed with saplings. The rocks are placed in a hole in the center of the lodge. The participants sit in a circle around the glowing rocks. The structure is covered by tarps so that the ceremony is conducted in darkness.

Vision Quest

Ancient cultures throughout the world and Native American tribal people in particular, have used the Vision Quest as a tool to seek direction for life and as a doorway to enter spiritual realms. Retreating into nature in solitude, removed from the distractions and trappings of modern life, the quester, or vision faster, opens to a heightened state of awareness. The vision faster seeks a vision on behalf of the tribe as well as him/herself.

Earth Dance

The Earth Dance is a time when we acknowledge that we are not only part of the Earth: we are the Earth. We are the Earth becoming aware of Herself through creativity and dance in unfolding awareness. We join the trees, the birds, the other mammals, and all creatures in a wild dance. We dance to state that our values are for the environment and its well being. We dance to honor the sting of the wasp that brought the vision of the dance to one in our midst (see Chapter VI of Natural Mystics).

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