The Earthdance is a time when we acknowledge that we are not only part of the Earth: we are the Earth. We are the Earth becoming aware of Herself through creativity and dance in unfolding awareness. We join the trees, the birds, the other mammals, and all creatures in a wild dance. We dance to state that our values are for the environment and its well being. We dance to honor the sting of the wasp that brought the vision of the dance to one in our midst (see Chapter VI of Natural Mystics).

We do native dances, modern dance, expressive movement, chants, songs, ecodrama, drumming, and just fun stuff. We are an integral community, so we integrate different traditions. We dance not to suffer (though soreness is part of it) but rather to celebrate in joy our life on this planet.

Come dance with me, it is time to be free, to dance through the night. Whatever your burden, whatever sorrow, whatever fear or despair, come dance and lighten your load. Unwind your contractions. It is time to be free.

Earthdance begins on the Friday nearest the full moon in October each year. It lasts for three days. There are eight primary dancers who lead us in the dance, one for each of the directions; East, South, West, North, Earth, Sky, Relations, and Ancestors.

Come dance with me, it is time to be free.

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