Outstanding women in my life–including my partner, my daughter, and fellow Earthtribers–invited me to join them in the Women’s Rights March.

I did. And 50,000 humans gathered in Austin to celebrate and emphasize women’s rights.

With others I carried a sign that read: CLIMATE JUSTICE FOR ALL OUR RELATIONS!

My own perspective has grown since my days of being a congregant in Martin Luther King’s church in Atlanta. At that time I focused on civil rights, advocating for oppressed Afro-Americans in the USA.

Now, I embrace the Rights of Nature for all creatures great and small. To those in power (and not in power) I join with you in chanting: HEAR OUR VOICE!

We are indigenous people. We are people of color. We are women. We are law-enforcement people. We are middle and lower economic men. We are children. We are humans 7 generations in the future. We are people of various sexual orientations, choices, and practices. We are politically correct and incorrect folks. We are people who don’t come to Will’s awareness at the moment because of his limits and prejudices.

At the March many people wanted to take a photo of the sign. Others wanted to hold the sign and have us take a photo of them to post for their friends. Beautiful young people said, “Your sign is a magnet!”

We were speaking for the rivers, the lakes, the oceans, the birds, the furry creatures, the trees, the Hill Country, the mountains, the insects, and all creatures, great and small. They have rights. All human rights fall under the heading of THE RIGHTS OF NATURE.

Join me in speaking on behalf of all creatures who don’t speak in human languages. They speak in the Mother Tongue of Nature. They rely on us humans to advocate for their rights. All our ceremonies are actually THE RITES OF NATURE. Some are more aware than others.

Who out there will join me in a million upon million March in the Spring on behalf of THE RIGHTS OF NATURE? Our ceremonies, seminars, and social media can become an expression of THE RITES OF NATURE!

Those in power must hear the voices of all our relations if we as a species are to survive and thrive.


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