Tending the Ceremonial Fires In Earth’s Rebalancing, Pt. 1


In a world where the ethics and stability of our political leaders are questionable, chaos seems the norm. In addition, within planet Earth we have a mighty rebalancing occurring that dwarfs even the instability of many of our global politicians in terms of eliciting our vulnerability. The massive impact of climate change grows more apparent daily. At The Wisdom School of Ubiquity University we seek to offer a kind of hope that embraces possibility in Earth’s larger process.

Herein lies a challenge.

We aspire to build a ceremonial fire in the midst of our global learning community.  Our fire consists of a base of logs that seeks to involve ourselves in an engaged ecology that returns humans to the web of eco-fields as humble participants rather than dominants.  On the base of logs we put many rocks to heat ceremonially; the rocks  will allow us to see humans in the context of geologic ages. First, there was the Pre-Cambrian (3.5 billion yrs.), then the Paleozoic (300 million yrs.), the Mesozoic (200 million yrs), and the Cenozoic (65 million yrs to 1990).  Now, we are entering the Ecozoic, a term coined by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme to describe our new partnership with humans and more-than-humans within the web of life. The fiery hot rocks tell us of our nature-based lineage and also about the axial moment in which we live.

On top of the rocks we place medium sized juniper logs that burn hot and fast because things , as Barbara Hubbard says, are breaking down, things are breaking through, faster and faster.  Our ceremonial fire needs to start quickly else we humans as a species may perish.

Finally, we cover the fire carefully with dried juniper branches, ceremonial herbs of sage, sweet grass, datura, and copal to purify ourselves, to develop an attractor force, and to send awareness and compassion throughout the web of eco-fields.

As the fire burns, we realize that Earth rights are human rights, Earth rights are women’s rights, Earth rights are children rights seven generations ahead, Earth rights are workers rights,Earth rights are indigenous rights, Earth rights are water rights.  There is no justice apart from justice for all within Earth.  Good jobs are those that support these rights.  Good political leaders are those who support these rights.  Good doctors are those who support these rights. Good education supports these rights. Good military protects these rights. Good capitalism supports all of these rights, no exceptions.

As Dean of The Wisdom School I aspire for our learning community to tend  fires that burn bright in the core of Earth’s conscience.  I, along with our faculty and staff, aspire to offer courses that feed the fires of consciousness, that speak the truth to power, and that build a new and sustainable civilization.

Join me around the fire. And remember our fires, as Jung makes clear in THE RED BOOK, are not just metaphors. They are real to the senses. They burn hot.

Will Taegel, Ph.D.

5 thoughts on “Tending the Ceremonial Fires In Earth’s Rebalancing, Pt. 1”

  1. I often wonder why MILLIONS of Native Americans were obliterated by Western Civilization. Maybe they did not understand the workings of the European mind. I doubt it. From my perspective, there really is not any difference in the mechanisms in place then and now. It is misplaced power that we as fire-tenders are keenly aware of but yet the global destruction continues. Now is the call for compassionate warriors to ACTIVELY ENGAGE in believing the unbelievable and changing what needs to be changed, no matter how uncomfortable. Participation in “courses that feed the fires of consciousness, that speak the truth to power, and that build a new and sustainable civilization” are integral to a momentum shift. I’m in. Sitting by the fire. Planting and sowing new seeds. Thank you Sacred Mystery for the timing and magic of seekers finding other seekers to shift the momentum of planetary destruction.

  2. Deborah Two Trees Birthing

    In the heart of the fire I feel the warmth of community; in the structure of wood and rocks I feel strengthened; in the stone circle of this hearth of Earth I feel connected; In the light of the fire I see possibility; in the global circle that surrounds I find hope in the midst of chaos. I find gratitude in your words of encouragement.

    As I contemplate the act of balance in the creation of this ceremonial fire, I am reminded of the union of fire and water. In my practice, I use a recipe of breath, motion and gratitude to ease tension and create balance in my life. One particular movement comes to mind as I read this blog post. In Qigong, there is a move called the microcosmic orbit. Holding the Qi ball in both hands in front of your heart, slowly move it up and forward in a circular motion (like a ferris wheel). As it passes the lower dan tien it gathers water, bringing it up to the fire of the heart, creating the steam of spirit. I continue the cycle several times, breathing in the deep gratitude I feel being a member of this Earthtribe-Wisdom School-Global Community. Puha!

  3. Jane Jack Morales

    I’m not gonna lie. I am afraid to feel that fire for more than a second or two at a time. Afraid it’s going to burn like hell. Thank you for your post.
    Jane Jack

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