In my last blog post, I explored with you the sometimes annoying and sometimes consciousness expanding messages from a common titmouse. Recall that I resisted field-centric messages by covering my window with a blanket so that the titmouse would cease its pecking. I took that action even though I knew the fields were attempting to respond to my utterances and prayers; thus, I became for the moment a poster child for resistance at connecting more robustly to the Whole.

Pick up my story at the point where I supposedly had silenced the titmouse and the field.

Grace Persists

Two mornings later I walked out toward my Prius, perhaps fifty yards from my house and the infamous window I had covered to silence the titmouse. As I ambled enjoying the fresh air, I could hear a faint tapping once again. Mumbling to myself, I returned to the window inside the house to see if the titmouse had returned, but there was only silence. It seemed like blessed silence, but, then, silence was not what I wanted when I prayed.

What kind of intimate was I?

I wrestled with a terrible truth: I yearned for a Universe to be responsive to my communications but only if it was pleasant and under my control. I teach and write as a harbinger of the Great Return of humans to the web of eco-fields, but it was apparent—at least in this instance—that the return had to be on my terms.

Satisfied that my house was quiet, my morning walk took me to a car port some distance away where I followed the tap-tap-tap sound. Low and behold there was my spirit visitor tapping on the rearview mirror of the car, on the driver’s side, the side where I usually sit. In spite of all of my resistance, the surrounding eco-field seemed to persist with some message. If I covered up the windows of my soul with a blanket because the tapping was inconvenient, the field in the form of the little bird persisted by following me to the mirror of my car. My little friend seemed a bit frustrated with my recalcitrance and left a few droppings near the door handle, just to inject humor into the equation.

But isn’t this just natural behavior that I need not take personally? Isn’t all of this connecting behavior just coincidence in a random Universe?

Natural Hearing and Stereophonic Messages

Maybe, I reasoned there were two channels of information available.

Stereophonic sound is achieved by using two or more independent audio channels through a configuration of two or more speakers. This effect creates an experience of hearing music or other messages from different directions, or, as sound engineers say, natural hearing. That describes my experience with Mr. Titmouse. Through one speaker I just get the behavior of a male bird pecking on the window image of an imagined rival, such is the description of reductionistic, 20th Century Science. When I covered up one window, he merely sought out another. Such reasoning is the message from one of the stereophonic speakers.

Quantum fields and indigenous people are helping us discover another speaker, one connected to our holographic brain. That speaker is the channel that sends a response to our utterances, our ceremonies, our prayers, our drumming, and the music of our souls. Such a speaker transmits through the language of the mother tongue and is one Western Civilization turned off as being magical thinking. This speaker responds to us and gives us guidance, very specific guidance through the eco-fields.

Both channels are important and are not mutually exclusive. They are both paradoxically and antinomially true. They are in tension with each other, but out of the dynamic relationship we get a message. That is the way of the hybrid on the return path. We live simultaneously in two worlds listening to two messages.

I do want to point out that there are 20 windows within a short distance that the titmouse might have chosen to carry on with his reflected intruder. Yet, he chose to fly a distance to my car and chose not the passenger mirror but rather the mirror that I would have to open. His droppings were next to the door handle I would need to grasp in order to drive. Such observations are not to be taken as cause-and-effect but correlative to my prayers.

 Decoding The Message

This form of prayer was very different from those that rely on a priest or a book or even a disincarnate spirit as the mediator of a reciprocal and intimate exchange. This communication was initiated by a force field outside myself. True, I had been blowing the conch, burning the sage, chanting, and singing songs for some time before the titmouse showed up. So, it is a chicken and egg discussion, as are most forms of intimacy.

What moves me, though, is how sensual the tapping is and how persistent is the motion from outside myself in the face of mainstream, cultural reasoning that sometimes dominate my inner council. This indigenous way of prayer is immediate, within the world where I live, and imminently practical. It requires a form of work that reminds me of the existential immediacy of any of my human-to-human intimate exchanges. Here is a likely sequence in most intimate exchanges: a heart-felt utterance, a response from the other; a defense if the response challenges my current reality; a persistence of the other; a softening to the message

Here are a few of the messages that came to me in the dialogue as I listened to the titmouse in nightly meditations.

  • The beauty of a lasting and loyal love ;titmice often mate for life.

  • Life endures in spite of vulnerability; titmice can be very long lived

  • I will guide you to the center of the circle, home; titmice stay within a select set of eco-fields.

  • Most important, just be with me. Listen to me. Making meaning is secondary.

Reflections for the Day

Recently, a researcher writing a book about nature-based spirituality asked for an interview to see if she wanted to include conversations with me in her work. We talked leisurely under a tree not far for my car port. “I know your life has taken a meandering path through psychology, spiritual communities, the study of quantum fields, alternative academia, and studies with tribal elders. If you could put in one sentence what you have learned, what would it be?”

Long moments passed.

“The path of enlightenment is through the marvel of our sensual perceptions and a trust in the natural order to guide us toward greater consciousness.”

As I read these words to Judith before I post them on my blog, the titmouse flies to the window, looks in, but does not tap.

3 thoughts on “THE WHOLE SIGNALS THE PART: Eco-field Messages”

  1. Shannon Hays-Truex

    Hi Will,

    I was delighted to read your recent blogs yesterday! Right after I finished reading about your tufted titmouse, I had a delightful encounter with a screech owl in my backyard. What made it so special is that it was my third encounter with this being since my return from France last week. I also had a dream about a giant owl-faced eagle that morning, which (I surmise) was about prayer because the bird and I both ended up prostrate on the ground next to each other—then, like friends, we posed for a photo opportunity! A dream is a prayer, is it not?

    Also, as I alluded to on Saturday’s community call, I have experienced some important connections with monarch butterflies recently. Life is full of transformation!

    I relate to your childhood giggles and joy in response to the newness of the world! I like to experience the world with such freshness and purity each day—with innocence. As we know, that’s not always easy to accomplish. But it’s important to remember.

    The spontaneous experience of wonder and delight is an authentic expression of prayer. As an environmental educator, I witness this response to mystery in children who are immersed in wildlands for the first time and encounter creatures they often have never seen before. My experiences with children help me remember my own innocence and receptivity.

    The screech owl woke me with its call at dawn this morning. I am listening.



  2. Such patience waiting at the barrier and tapping on it! I believe we need to practice waiting patiently at the barrier, to forgive ourselves for bracing against the divine and we need more more more softening. I love this story and how it wrote itself. Thank you
    Jane Jack

  3. One of the things I recall that you taught one day was the instant intelligence across the universe. Is that connection not prayer/intention? Sometimes I wonder about prayer. If one sends out energy – the energy surrounding it seems to me must move – displace or form a stream. The energy in the universe in my understanding from when I taught Earth Science maintains a stasis. Therefore, if it moves from one source, it would seem that it would seek balance. Is that reciprocal prayer? Intimacy?

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