The Evolutionary Spirit is springing forth another form of human, one that is a hybrid bridging from one era to the next. If such a quantum leap is the case—and I hold such to be so—then you would expect stories and contemporary art to emerge describing some of the features of this link. Such is the hypothesis of both physicist, David Bohm, and psychologist, Carl Jung.
    In our day movies like Avatar and The Hunger Games speak in a mother tongue connecting especially deeply with  those evolving hybrids in whom the seed was planted during birth and childhood to make the leap across the chasm that separates us from the next manifestation of Earth. Darren Aronofsky’s new movie, Noah, provides another peek at hybrid humans, and it is a good enough yarn that Time magazine’s Richard Corliss wrote, “The movie is better than the book.”
    Rather than give you a review of the movie, I write here—as I promised in the last blog—to describe a few characteristics of the the new Noahs (or human hybrids) in our midst. I am indebted to Peter Pitzele, noted mytho-dramatist, for giving me the new Noah term in a recent conversation. So, gather ’round the virtual campfire to discuss an ancient narrative in movie form (without giving away the ending).


Noah As A Shamanic Link
    Likely recorded in written form in the 6th Century BCE, Noah’s narrative carries strans of Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Age shamanism. The movie weaves together various themes of Earth-based, sensual spirituality and the austere sky gods like Yaweh.  Notice the liberal use of the word “shaman” in my paradigm.  The word has emerged as a description of a person who has at least a beginning ability to speak the mother tongue of nature, that form of communication beneath rational language present in  ceremonial and healing acts. The term shamanism has come to describe the intuitive, sensitive, and visionary access into the various dimensions of the natural order and invisible domains through altered states of consciousness. Both Noah (played by Russell Crowe) and his elder guide and grandfather, Methuselah (played by Anthony Hopkins), perform shamanic acts throughout the movie.


Wilderness Quest
    The Hollywood version of the story opens with a wilderness quest. An immediate visceral impression of the raw elements of the local geography as an energetic presence sets the stage for calling the inner wild heart to sit within the inner council and have a robust expression, after having been silent in the shadows for millennia. Herein a hybridization becomes apparent. The movie viewer sits in an air-conditioned space with the latest Hollywood technology, and yet feels a deep pull from within to move out of mainstream epistemology, as if the very rocks of the desert in which Noah and son sit, can speak. And they eventually do. Such experiences make increasingly clear that the deep essence of Nature calls us to spend time apart from usual civilization and its technological connections in order to receive transmissions of wisdom from the dimensions of reality beyond human control.
     With the new Noahs, rocks, trees, lightning, and thunder are tuning devices of the new order. Technology and intellect are present in the hybrid but as mere background supporters to a full hearing of the voice of natural essence. In the new civilization that is in its birthing stages, the much ballyhooed critical thinking of Western Civilization will take a backseat to ancient ways of knowing seen in the shaman and the 21st Century epistemology of field physics.


Living Rocks
     In a most jolting manner the rocks not only speak but become central characters in the movie. The movie has been banned in several fundamentalist Islamic countries, and many American evangelicals have condemned it as well. Interestingly, the harshest criticism has come at the point of the rocks as living beings. Somehow, these critics cannot imagine that rocks can communicate and be conduits of wisdom and protection.
     Field physicists, in contrast, see rocks as foundational in a web of fields which send instantaneous messages to all elements within the field. You know you are a new Noah if you have ever looked into the heated eyes of a rock, or carried one in your pocket for comfort, or seen molten rock move in a volcanic flow, or listened to water crashing over a cascading waterfalls. And, not only that, sense a wisdom link between you and living rocks. And, yes, 21st Century science proposes that rocks are not inanimate but, through sub-atomic particles, offer a form of awareness and sensitivity. If so, do these rocks not have an interest in Earth’s well-being?


Resurrection Plants
     Noah is awakened in a profound way through the plant world speaking to him in a mother tongue. How could this be? A plant telling Noah to build an ark? Or opening a vision for guidance along the way? Especially, if these plants just appear in the desert as a spontaneous combustion after a summer shower? Or the Creator actually being present in the plant? Resurrection plants are highly evolved to live up to fifty years without water, according to botanists. Then, within the blink of an eye they appear almost always with a profound message for those who can translate. New Noahs are beginning translators of the plant world.


Elders in Caves

     If you ever made a journey to a cave and sat quietly in a balm of silence, then you are a link. If you ever sought out an elder whose inspiration comes from life spent sitting around a fire with laughter and longing for the sweet taste of berries, then you are a hybrid. If you ever gawked at the inspired spirit art drawn across living rocks, then spirit is calling you to be part of the bridge between this era and the next. If you ever shivered as an elder laid her hand on your head offering a healing from the spirit world, then you are an expression of Earth moving us toward a great return to the web of life.


Earth And Sky Balance
     The biblical and movie versions of Noah both present us with a tale of two eras. Noah feels the message of Earth and her web of wisdom. Yet, there also is a sky spirit feature, a larger cosmic intelligence at work. Noah, like our larger human story, begins with Earth-based spirituality but then over identifies with a  masculine voice of God. Such an over identification leads to decisions devoid of the simple love all around us.
     We humans have been lost in an over balance of sky/masculine for over 5,000 years, especially in Western civilization. The lunar spirituality of the European ancients has been dominated by the solar religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Earth spirituality of North and South American indigenous peoples has been decimated by the manifest destiny religion of American capitalism. The culprit here is the loss of the feminine, and the over identification with the masculine. The time is at hand for a new balancing, and we may need to connect more fully with Earth-based spirituality for over an extended period until a balance is possible.


The Firm Hand of Weather Beings
     Is the Creator angry with humans for our profligate ways in mowing down the world’s forests, filling the air with our refuge, and making islands of plastic the size of Texas in the Pacific? Or, as in the shamanic world, are the living beings of weather simply showing us the consequences of our human behavior? And is the underlying question raised by this re-telling of the deluge narrative whether humans can return as participants in the sacred cycle of life? Or is the Evolutionary Spirit phasing us out, having given up on our obsession with domination?
     And what is the role of the transitional human? Building arks? Planting gardens? Collecting solar rays and rainwater? Creating nature-based communities?


Moon Songs
     The movie version sings a song of the moon, a lullaby directed to newborn girls brought into the world through a shamanic miracle. In the ancient world the crescent moon was seen as the horns of fertility, and out of the crib of our moon issues possibility. I left the theatre just as I have left my vision circle on many occasions with the hope that Nature is birthing a fresh connection with the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth and Sister Moon. The words of my tribal teacher, Bear Heart, came to me last night in a dream. There is a period of time, the dark of the moon, when there is no lunar visibility. The test is whether to give into despair. We have been in the dark of the moon for a long time.
     But wait, the new moon is coming. The transitional humans are being birthed through shamanic miracles. You may be one.

4 thoughts on “THE NEW NOAHS: You May Be One”

  1. Let me tell you about THE NEW NOAH’S of Wimberley, TX. They are elementary and junior high school children, mostly girls, who are speaking up on behalf of trees. When a 300-year-old Heritage Oak Tree was cut down on Earth Day, along with numerous others trees, the youth got upset. Thanks to some supportive parents and a letter writing campaign and contest the children read their letters at the May school board meeting and to the Wimberley City Council on June 5th.

    As I sat at these meetings listening to these young girls speak, phrases used in Will’s blog came to mind: tuning devices…a wisdom link… and the song of the moon, a lullaby to newborn girls birthing a fresh connection with the Divine Feminine.

    These young people used their voices to GIVE TREES A VOICE. This inspired me to create a petition to gather global signatures to support the children’s voices and encourage the Wimberley City Council to create and adopt an ordinance to protect and respect Heritage Trees. I urge you to read, sign and pass forward the GIVE TREES A VOICE petition:

    You can follow the progress and learn more about ways to GIVE TREES A VOICE on my Facebook page of the same name: and/or my blog at:

    I appreciate your support! I appreciate you!
    Deborah Two Trees Birthing

  2. Just read an article on AOL this morning. Archaeologists found a town 8820 B.C. where Amesbury, England now stands. It is two miles from Stonehenge. Then then found an outcropping of rock 150 miles away that was the source of the stones for the temple/monument(?). Stonehenge was originally of wood formations. Then the archaeologists discovered the stones have a bell-like tone, to which I listened .Percussionists were invited and could produce tunes. (The facetious question was asked if the stone formation was a giant xylophone.). There are many ancient marks that show the stones were struck many times leaving holes in the stones. This is a great example of man’s relationship with stones that take so many forms from heating them up to cook, building structures, etc. Never thought of them as a source of music.

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  4. Is the Creator angry with humans for our profligate ways in mowing down the world’s forests, filling the air with our refuge, and making islands of plastic the size of Texas in the Pacific? Or, as in the shamanic world, are the living beings of weather simply showing us the consequences of our human behavior? And is the underlying question raised by this re-telling of the deluge narrative whether humans can return as participants in the sacred cycle of life? Or is the Evolutionary Spirit phasing us out, having given up on our obsession with domination?

    This paragraph from the conversation seems so relevant today, as I read the news. The United Nations is giving a severe warning this very day about global climate, the warming of our atmosphere. The rocks themselves when heated up give off gases and assist with formation of our atmosphere. Everything is connected. That raises questions in my mind of my purpose in the greater effort. Am I aware? What is my role as one small town human in the greatest endeavor we may ever confront if the species of man is to survive.

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