The Return Project

Ours is an Era of the Return.
We live in a transitional 21st century. This chapter in Earth’s narrative tumbles humans headlong from the industrial, to the informational, and to the virtual until, at this very moment, Nature bends back on the spiral and beckons us to return to herself in primal utterances of weather and muted voices of prophets. The narrative of this return is long but not linear.
It is both epistemological and ontological.
It is about a coming home to the essence of our being and our intuitive knowing.
It is about rethinking our Western thinking.
It is about connectivity while embracing individuality.
It is about giving up on capitalism as we know it, but not democracy.
It is about submitting humans to the larger community of life.
It is about hoping that this larger circle of life will accept us back.
It is about becoming part of the land by digging in the soil and sifting through the roots, trying to decide what roots are weeds and what roots are fertile for new gardens.
It is about learning how to be both wild and civilized, like the bees, feral cats , suburban coyotes, and golf course deer.
We will either make this return journey or go the way of species extinction. Questions arise: what fuels the return? Evolutionary Spirit?If so, What forms are dissolving? What forms of coherence are rising?

2 thoughts on “The Return Project”

  1. Thank you Will, for saying this so clearly. As I read these words, I felt my heart beat faster. YES! I feel like shouting from the rooftops. It is time. The time is now. I keep getting the same messages when I listen to the trees. They are calling us to return. They are waiting for us to come back. This from an ancient oak tree recently…”Earth herself is calling humans to join once again the living community of active intelligence.”

    The Return Project is our answer to her call. We have so many questions; we need to remember so much. Can we join together in an effort to rediscover The Mother Tongue? Can we open to the field, and receive the practices we need in order to take our first baby steps?

    We must! Let’s keep this important dialogue going. My heart sings with gratitude…
    love and puha,
    Shiila Clear Tree

    1. The Return Project.

      A global movement as a cry out to all of us to change.

      To change the way we have been perceiving how things should be, so that we can begin to change the way we live our lives – from destroyers of the Mother Planet to custodians and nurturers.

      But first we all need to understand a bigger picture that stands up for equality not only for all people, but for all life on earth. Let us truly see with open eyes the state of our lives and all of the life that surrounds us. Because it is crying out for us to wake up so that we may become allies to our Mother Planet again.

      It is now time for us to return once again to the Circle of Life.

      Because to embrace our vulnerable and fragile state that we currently find ourselves in, is to begin our journey back to intimacy.

      It is time to return.

      “The new human values intimacy over war.”
      – Will Taegel

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