Vision Quest 2022

Earthtribe Vision Quest 2022

Ancient cultures throughout the world and Native American tribal people in particular, have used the Vision Quest as a tool to seek direction for life and as a doorway to enter spiritual realms. Retreating into nature in solitude, removed from the distractions and trappings of modern life, the quester, or vision faster, opens to a heightened state of awareness. The vision faster seeks a vision on behalf of the tribe as well as him/herself.

In the Earthtribe, a Vision Quest is a three-year process under the guidance of a pipe carrier. The first year, one has the aspiration to quest. The seeker attends the Vision Quest encampment as a general supporter; a part of the Earthtribe community who dances, chants and prays for the safety of the questers who are out crying for a vision, who sends them out and welcomes them back. The supporters maintain the encampment and provide a loving and nurturing community for the questers to return to. The second year begins when the seeker puts his/her stake in the ground declaring the intention to quest. During this time, the quester goes out into direct access of Nature and fasts for a period of time. The third year the quester agrees to integrate the vision and move into supporting others who are questing.

The vision encampment is a lively energetic field, a heightened vibration of the sacred web.  In 2022, we plan to gather at Deer Dancer Ranch.  We have a bi-focal emphasis.  First and foremost, we support the questers who fast in their circles for their own expanded consciousness and for the larger concerns of Earth.  Second, we aspire to create a vision encampment wherein we humans identify ourselves as an aspect of the community of life at the ranch.  In that sense we are part of the Great Return of humans to Nature herself.  In that continued sense we become a healing context for all who join in this return.  Often there are healing events within the encampment not available at any other times during the year.  It is the new joining of hands with all creatures that provides an eco-field of healing, movement toward wholeness.

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