Eco-spiritual Mentoring – 2


Class began on August 6, 2019 and is currently underway.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. The practice of connections with Spirit in Nature, such as vision questing, Earthtribe immersions, and other ceremonies.
  2. How one’s personal tradition integrates with nature-based spirituality.
  3. Explore the connections between science, the eco-fields, and spirituality.
  4. Relate spirituality to the care of the soul and the planet, Mother Earth.
  5. Formulate a map for your personal contribution to the care of our planet.
  6. You can expect to expand your role as a ceremonial leader within your life context.

Each course requires 8 sessions taken in the context of approximately 16 weeks.

Pre-paper Assignment

What is nature-based spirituality to you in your current approach?
How might your map relate to your work as an eco-spiritual mentor?
What ceremonies do you currently engage as meaningful?

Post-paper Assignment

As assigned at end of class.

Required Reading for this Course Will Be Assigned when you register

How Do I Enter the Program?

Contact Lillie Rowden, D.Min. at for detailed information and possible entry into the Eco-Spiritual Mentoring Process.

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