Eco-spiritual Mentoring


Class begins February 4, 2019


Keep in mind that you can join this program with this course since the courses are offered in cycles. You also can take this course for credit without being in the total program. Email Lillie Rowden if you have questions.

This course on nature-based spirituality will explore knowledge and wisdom gained from our relationship with Mother Earth. Students will first encounter the Primordial Wisdom of the indigenous peoples.

Finally, we will round out our discussion with modern natural mystics such as David Abbey and John Muir. This emphasis on a nature-based approach is related to the need for spiritual leaders to provide assistance in a “Great Return” of human beings to the original source of the natural order.

The planet, its people and other beings living as a part of Mother Earth cry out for spiritual awareness, nurture and support to assist through the deep waters of change and a planet seeking a new equilibrium. These intense issues now facing our generation and future generations call for eco-spiritual mentors capable of guiding others for a thriving of the planet and all its beings in order to provide “islands of coherence in the sea of chaos” we are now facing.

The student will begin the process of creating an integrated map in order to form a new paradigm for eco-spiritual mentoring; thereby, becoming an attractor force for change for the greater good of all.


  • Definition of eco-spiritual mentoring
  • Orientation to earth-based spirituality
  • Immersion into the modern spirituality of encounters with nature
  • Relating eco-spiritual mentoring to Mother Earth and all its beings and humans as participants
  • Developing skills for the eco-spiritual mentor to assist in preservation of the planet and all created beings
  • Seeing the eco-spiritual mentor as an aid in co-creating an earth-based civilization
  • Developing an eco-spiritual mentoring practice aimed at personal and planetary transformation

This course requires 8 sessions taken in the context of approximately 16 weeks.

Pre-paper Assignment
Beginning students write a two to three-page paper on what led you to the eco-spiritual mentoring program and what your current definition might be of eco-spiritual mentoring in contrast to traditional spiritual direction. Other assignments for different courses will be made as the student progresses through the three-phase program.

Post-paper Assignment
As assigned at end of class.

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