Eco-Spiritual Mentoring

Eco-Spiritual Mentoring (ESM)

Background for ESM

In our ESM training process, we see a new hope and possibility on the other side of the bridge leading to a new era, and aspire for Eco-Spiritual Mentors to lead the way. This means that Eco-Spiritual Mentors will have fully to question their world view, no matter how cherished or evolved. Our learning process is, first and foremost, aimed at questioning our mainstream assumptions about life, including those held by cultural creatives. No person, or societal organization, is exempt, including the Earth Wisdom Academy.

Mother Earth is sending waves of information into our awareness circles that challenge the basics of what has been our civilization. For example, a viral wave, as part of Mother Earth’s Being, is limiting the normal behavior patterns of society. As a foretaste of massive changes on the horizon, we are faced with economic changes brought about by job loss, school closures and working from home, not to mention life threatening illness. Gatherings for weddings, birthdays and funerals are  risky, including long cherished ceremonies like sweat lodges.

Another wave comes to us in the form of racial upheaval. Climate disruption is still another wave that in some ways supersedes what was just mentioned but becomes lost in our human-centered thinking.  Gender issues haunt and make way for the Divine Feminine.

In what we experience as chaos, but which is actually limited vision and context, we ask: 

  • What to do?
  • Where can we find leaders with large enough consciousness to assist?
  • Indeed, can we be the leaders for whom we hope?
  • Is there any hope for islands of coherence in the chopping waters of chaos? Is there a pathway forward?

What if… each of us is a leader?

What if… that leadership is a sacred task? 

What if… we are willing?

Eco-Spiritual Mentors aspire to be such leaders. We can facilitate  as we walk alongside our mentees. Such collaborative consciousness  is a radical change from the traditional hierarchical leadership to which most of us are accustomed. This form of leadership affirms that we are held within the circle of all creation—where all the manifest universe is animated with consciousness.  Such a map of mentoring transcends a pyramid of control where humans are the only conscious beings.

The work of the Eco-Spiritual Mentor is born of a Nature-based spirituality that creates community grounded in awareness and compassion through connecting with that dimension of Nature little influenced by humans. Eco-Spiritual Mentors form a life-long commitment to assisting themselves and others as they navigate these rough waters and make choices for the good of Mother Earth and all her beings.

Will Star Heart notes, “Mother Earth is on Vision Quest.” Yes, and we are her eyes, ears, hands and feet. Like an earthquake, we are shaken from our normal routines and patterns. We stand at the foot of the bridge toward Earth’s new identity. Do we freeze, run away in fright, or decide what to take with us and step forward?

Who will bridge walk with us?

HERE ARE OUR ESM ASPIRATIONS within our training process:

  1.  First, we  encounter the dimension of Nature not controlled by or over-influenced by humans and feel the kindling of the wild heart of the Natural Mystic.
  2. Then, we  meet important guides and ancestors along the way. These guides will offer us practices to assist us in our reconnection to and service of the natural order.
  3. Out of our “being” comes a “doing,” a reciprocity with Mother Earth. Why? Because we are the Earth. We can’t fully love ourselves except through loving Earth.
  4. To journey further we engage with our Inner Council. We move from a psychology of selves to an ecology of selves, a major departure from the mainstream paradigm.
  5. Our feet are now moving toward the bridge fueled by Mother Earth’s giving us the viral wave, climate upheaval, political tension, racial reckoning, and gender awakening as stepping stones. In our work, conscious character is our aspiration.


If you are interested in this learning process that leads to certification, your contact person is: Lillie Rowden, D.Min.,

We will be glad to dialogue with you about shaping a 3 phase process of in-depth learning that results in certification.


RMaya Briel, CESM
Teresa Echaide, CESM
Victoria Moore, CESM
Karen Smith, CESM

These Eco-Spiritual Mentors are available for INDIVIDUAL AND EARTH CIRCLE mentoring sessions.


An Eco-Spiritual Mentoring circle is a consciousness experience in which linking with that dimension of Nature little influenced by humans assists in unfolding identity.


  • RMaya Briel, Wimberley, Texas –
    RMaya, has spent over 30 years involved with Earth-based spirituality, awareness and ceremony;  her love of Nature and All Relations guides each step to rebalance, integrate and participate in the web-of-life.
  • Teresa Echaide, Modesto, California –
    Teresa inspires people to explore their inner world and nature connection, providing loving guidance and support on their spiritual journey of transformation and growth with the intention to empower and encourage others by sharing resources and experiences.
  • Victoria Moore, North Garden, Virginia –
    Victoria facilitates and guides in planting seeds of love, inclusiveness, and a deep connection to the Sacred Web, which seeks to welcome back the wayward human.
  • Karen Smith, Wimberley, Texas –
    Karen’s Eco-Spiritual Mentoring practice is based on her relationship with Mother Earth especially through her spiritual practice of creating art.
  • Lynette Whittenton, Austin, Texas –
    Lynette walks as a mentor with others to bridge our sense of separateness from the natural order and encourages new ways of being by seeing how connected to Mother Earth we truly are.
  • Cathy Williams, Eagan, Minnesota –
    Cathy’s mentoring practice is combined with her own deep self-soul evolution and the blessing of meeting each person in their own spiritual awakening through time spent with Mother Earth.
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