The Healing Power of the Medicine Wheel and Beyond

Do you have a tension point somewhere in your body/mind/spirit? Significant relief comes in relinquishing within medicine wheels, and that relief can open doors to health and downright feeling good. For yourself. For others. For Earth.

Medicine wheels, often sacred circles of stone, appear in almost every indigenous culture. With the dawning of the newer sciences, we are discovering these sacred circles as potent agents of healing. Whatever you may know about these circles is tiny compared to the vast resources available. We aspire to tap into these treasures in this online learning experience.

We invite you to join us in a collaborative expansion of our practice within the medicine wheel. Meet us at the confluence of these two great rivers: the medicine wheel and modern medicine. We will have guests from neuroscience, nutrition, body work, eco psychology, surgeons, eco-spiritual mentors, shamanic practitioners, and many others. In each case, we will explore how healing practitioners experience healing themselves. We will delve into growing edge experiments that assist in healing Earth through healing ourselves and that point us toward specific interventions and practices that are authenticated in our lives.

Guests and participants will include Drs. Allison and Jack Jensen, neuroscientists Guy and Sheri Danielson, MFR specialist Jane Jack Morales, Reiki master Tambra Nelson, poet Carol Flake/Chapman, Reginah Water Spirit, and others.Conveners: Will Taegel, PhD & Lillie Rowden, D.Min.

Such a gathering is a must!

Course Overview

This course in the eco-spiritual mentoring program is dedicated to the further development of an in-depth connection with the natural order and its eco-fields. The Medicine Wheel will be a major component in this study to provide assistance in a “Great Return” of human beings to the original source of the natural order (Taegel).

This study in intention, meditation and practice is to assist the eco-spiritual mentor in developing a process for the nurturance of self and others in a life connected with Spirit through nature-based spirituality. The course emphasizes two aspects: First, a development of one’s personal connection with the natural order and different meditation practices, and secondly, a consideration of how that practice might transform into action for the greater good of others and Mother Earth through creating ceremonies and practices for self and others.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Practicing nature-based meditation methods to assist self and others.
  2. Individual and universal prayer and intention through the practice of the Medicine Wheel.
  3. Personal practices in action for the preservation of Mother Earth and her species.

By the end of this course students should be able to
develop practices for self, dyads and groups.