Course II in the Eco-Spiritual Mentoring Series is now being offered.

Eco-Spiritual Mentoring courses include a series of 5 with an additional elective of an Earthtribe Immersion, Earthdance, Vision Quest encampment, or a Day of the Dead ceremony. These courses may be entered at any point with the exception of the practicum. The courses comprise a process for certification as an Eco-Spiritual Mentor, and/or may be taken as transfer credits for graduate degrees.

Occasionally, we have academic students in local graduate programs who take these courses and live in the Austin/Wimberley area.  In those cases, the students meet “in-person” with one of the faculty.

Sometimes, students choose to come to the Wimberley Valley for a week-long intensive or a long weekend called “Earthtribe Immersion” (read more about Earthtribe Immersion).  This in-person experience supplements the course you are planning to take and is not required.  Often, students who take the Eco-Spiritual Mentoring program want to have a field experience in seeing how we implement our courses in the Earthtribe Spiritual Community.  You can read more about Earthtribe community on this website.

Brief individual  discussions are available with Dr. Lillie Rowden or Dr. Will Taegel upon request at no additional cost if there are questions regarding the subject matter or mentoring issues that might arise in the eco-spiritual mentoring program.

Thus, you can take the course for which you are registering entirely online from your location.  In-person is not required, but elective.


Earth Wisdom, as given to us through the indigenous mind/heart and through the Earthtribe present/time manifestation, offers a guiding map for consideration (other communities such as Damanhur might also be considered). The intention of this course, Earth Wisdom and the Primordial Mind, in eco-spiritual mentoring is to orient the mentor within nature-based spirituality and purpose. The eco-spiritual mentor will explore shamanic and scientific connections to the eco-field. The mentor will then relate eco-spirituality to the care of the soul and care of the planet, Mother Earth. More specifically, the course points in the direction of a bridge that leads from our current cycle of civilization to a new era of Earth’s manifestation as predicted by the old ones. The role of the Eco-Spiritual Mentor focuses initially on personal consciousness and then transcends to be a bridge guide to those humans who aspire to be bridge walkers. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. The practice of connections with Spirit in nature, such as attending a vision quest encampment, an Earthdance, or an Earthtribe Immersion experience.
  2. How one’s personal tradition integrates with nature-based spirituality.
  3. Explore the connections between science, the eco-fields, and spirituality.
  4. Relate spirituality to the care of the soul and care of the planet, Mother Earth.
  5. Begin to formulate a map for your own personal contribution to care of the planet, Mother Earth with special attention to becoming more fully a bridge walker in order to assist others in that journey.


Pre-paper: What is nature-based spirituality to you? How might it effect or affect the practice of spiritual mentoring?

Post-paper to be assigned at end of class.