Earthtribe Immersion


A Transformative Returning of Humans to the Eco-fields


The Earthtribe consists of communities that practice Nature-based spirituality.The Earthtribe is a 35 year old nature-based community founded by Dr. Judith Yost and Dr. Will Taegel. We gather, usually on a monthly basis, to expand our awareness and compassion through our deeper connection with the fields of Nature. We laugh, sing, drum, chant, and bask in the support of a loving community, including humans and all aspects of the Sacred Web of Life.

Here are two of our major proposals:

  • The lion’s share of our emotional, cultural and physical problems stem from our estrangement from nature’s circle of life.
  • The most natural movement on the planet is to push out the confines of our usual identity to the deeper place that is our essence, our spiritual DNA. This deeper place calls us to the Great Return to the flow of our planet’s life. In that return we are transformed and become transformers and potential outliers of the evolutionary impulse.

The Earthtribe utilizes three major ceremonies – Sweat lodges, Vision Quests, and an annual Earthdance – to assist in this journey to our true identities. We also have integrated into our meditational practices the wisdom of the eight world religions, the guidance of contemporary psychology, and maps provided by evolutionary and eco-field science. In short, we embrace an integral practice that expands the awareness of our connection with all creation with the aim of deepening intimacy and compassion. We are a spiritual community of The Center for Creative Resources, Inc. (CCR). Over the past few years, interested persons and sustainable research advocates from around the globe have participated in our five-day immersion.

As a participant/student, you will stay in the home of an Earthtribe member or in a near-by bed and breakfast. During the week meetings will be scheduled with Will and Judith. You will be taken on field trips to places of power in nature; experience a resurgent river valley after the “1000-year” flood of 2015; visit a residential permaculture community; and engage in Earthtribe ceremonies which usually includes a sweat lodge. There is ample opportunity to dialogue with Earthtribers in order to get a deep sense of an Earth-based community. Contextual reading consists of publications by Earthtribers and other relevant material. Most important, you are invited to utilize the immersion to move through whatever blocks you have to experience a free flow of the Whole.

The participant/student will:

  • immerse yourself in Earthtribe Shamanism;
  • explore and experience the interior and exterior of the Earthtribe;
  • bring your own aspirations and intentions using the experience to integrate the subject/object split in yourself and our culture;
  • study in a 30-year ongoing community that practices at its core, shamanism and the newer sciences;
  • enter a loving and safe container for seekers who aspire to go deeper into Earthtribe shamanistic practices and their own individual journey;
  • experience a retreat at a personal level, including nature immersion, shamanic practices, spiritual mentoring, and sustainable practices;
  • participate in a tribe based on a distributed leadership model;
  • learn of The Return Project event, dedicated to assisting people in returning to the cycle of life;
  • connect deeply with local eco-fields with human and creature guides and allies;
  • open to the wisdom coming through these eco-fields at an indigenous people’s altar over 300′ deep (named Jacob’s Well by Europeans), Enchanted Rock, the Blanco River, and Earthtribe inipi fields;
  • experience applied Earth wisdom through rain water collection, solar power, gardening, and other sustainable applications;
  • participate in discussions concerning a consciousness-based economy in contrast to material/consumer-based economies;
  • consider the links to vision quests, Earthdances, Teotihuacan pilgrimages, and ongoing Earth-based mentoring.

Logistical information

  • Length of stay is approximately 1 week, ending with a sweat lodge.
  • Lodging and meals will be arranged with an Earthtribe household in the Wimberley Valley.
  • Project Manager Shiila Safer will be your initial point of contact as you prepare for your visit, as well as your overall guide for the week. She will make sure you connect with key learning experiences, co-ordinate ground transportation and other details.
  • Meetings will be scheduled with Will Taegel, Judith Yost, Lillie Rowden and other elders throughout the week.
  • There will be a 1-day excursion to Enchanted Rock with Dan Gauthier and Shiila Safer as guides.
  • Week will include river meditations close to the sacred waters of the Blanco River Valley.
  • Participation in Earthtribe ceremonies, including an inipi sweat lodge if so desired.


Tuition: $695, to be paid to The Center for Creative Resources/Earthtribe for our weeklong option and $395 for the weekend option. Contact Shiila Safer

Lodging: $60 per night, includes breakfast with an Earthtribe member. If you desire to stay in a local bed and breakfast, the fees will vary. Shiila can assist you.

To take The Immersion for academic credit: please note that an additional fee should be submitted to the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies in the amount of $800 (=$200 per credit x 4 credits). Please contact Stacy Newman:

Contextual Studies

Walking With Bears: On Bridges to Earth’s New Era, Will Taegel, Ph.D.

The Mother Tongue: Intimacy in the eco-fields, Will Taegel, Ph.D.

Wild Heart, Will Taegel, Ph.D.

Born of the Earth, Shiila Safer

Intimacy with Trees, Shiila Safer, ed.

Christianity and Nature-based Spirituality, Lillie Rowden, D.Min.

Website:, read blogs and all material

Movie: Inside Out

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