Earth Citizens Meditation

Recently, a psychotherapist from a large urban area called me and said, “I really need your help. I am in my office five days a week after a 30 minute commute.  I need a link with the outdoors, but I don’t have a specific process. My soul is drying up.”

His yearning touched me.  Here is a meditation pathway I am offering him and you.

Brain science  clearly shows us meditation can reshape our brain/minds and nourish our souls.

What becomes increasingly apparent in research is that nature-based meditation (eco-meditation) may well be even more beneficial than other approaches.

Why?  When you quiet your brain/mind/heart, then the resources of the eco-field can enter and expand consciousness, and deeper Wisdom speaks through a mother tongue to your wild heart.

Eco-meditation becomes a tuning, a resonance with the sacred web of fields, an opening in an era of climate upheaval and political chaos.

Each month on the first Sunday at 10 am Central, I am offering an online  Earth-based meditation. I will take you to a place of power in Nature where human control is lessened, and there we will dive deeply into the vast resources of the sacred web.

We will enter a point on the Earthtribe medicine wheel to learn an approach to meditation that I have developed based on tribal wisdom and newer science. On occasion, I will have friends who join for an even richer brew.  We also will connect with your landscape from time-to-time to expand your current meditational practice.

I will be available to address questions and comments you have live. If you can’t join me live, I’ll post a recording that you can access later to assist you in expanding this natural resource to link with your daily life.

Each month, I will send you weekly support for your own meditation practice, along with the latest break-throughs that are coming my way. The aspiration is to enter trans-ordinary states that lead to larger traits of character and service on behalf of Mother Earth. I also will consider questions and comments you send to me in personal emails.

A  discount of $99 for 12 months is available if you invest in the total process. 

A monthly fee is $12.00 if you want to be part of one session.

I look forward to being with you in this way as we co-create possibility.

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