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The Meridian Maps
(Medicine Points)

The five thousand-year-old Meridian Map provided by Chinese medicine (borrowed from Qigong) appears to be an accurate map of the electromagnetic circuitry of the internal human energy field.

Taegel's lifelong use of Native American medicine points offers another ancient map that is congruent with the meridian points. NET seeks to stimulate the various points on the meridians as a way to subsume the energy field disturbances and restore balance and harmony.

The sequence and TYPE of stimulations of the meridian points is an unfolding revelation of the Sacred Spirit, called the blessings of Nature. TFT and EFT are two pioneering approaches that have informed NET in the use of the meridian maps.

currently, NET employs sweating, tapping, drumming, singing, dancing, ancient movement, and other means of stimulating the electromagnetic circuitry of the human energy field. Ancient practices of Native American medicine points, Chinese movement forms, and other shamanic works are used, as well as the latest innovations in electromagnetic science and medicine.